Repeat Sentence

    1. A burglar broke into my house while I was away on a trip.
    2. A connection between personality and blood type has not been scientifically proven.
    3. A few trees fell down in our neighborhood during the storm last week.
    4. A formal decision to call off the search was made on Wednesday.
    5. A happy marriage is a long conversation that always seems too short.
    6. A lot of people who have up until now been spending money having a good time now need to be more careful with their money.
    7. A rapid transformation of existing conditions may lead to an economic crisis.
    8. A remarkable shrine with fetish idols was also discovered.
    9. A slow smile worked its way across his face and into his eyes.
    10. A small French colony was established on East Falkland in 1764.
    11. A true friends never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down.
    12. A warm current without which it would be much cooler.
    13. Admission at an open university is not competitive.
    14. Advertisements are all around us wherever we go whatever we do.
    15. Advertisements can occur in an unusual places even in the sea or in the sky.
    16. Advertisements have to appeal to people of different ages, socio-economic groups and sexes.
    17. Adverts might use humor, drama or catchy slogans to grab people’s attention.
    18. After a long day at work, nothing is better than a good night’s sleep.
    19. After all that thinking, talking, and listening, I expect everyone will be a bit weary.
    20. After I got married, my French got better since I started speaking French with my wife.
    21. After she lost her job, she couldn’t afford to feed her dogs, so she gave them away.
    22. After three straight losing seasons, fans were just hoping for a win.
    23. Alex captured her hand and forced her to drop the potatoes.

    1. All cars must have safety features including seat belts and air bags.
    2. All essays and seminar papers submitted must be emailed to your tutor.
    3. All experiments are fruitful if you don’t have any preconceived notions about the results.
    4. All I want to do is sit here and drink this bottle of wine with you.
    5. All of these historical sources should be referred to in the project.
    6. All students are encouraged to vote in the forthcoming elections.
    7. All students are required to submit a summary of their findings tomorrow.
    8. All the milk was drunk by the cat.
    9. Always underline the available time in an exam and note any compulsory sections.
    10. Americans eat more bananas than they eat any other fruit.
    11. An attempt was made to ignore this brilliant and irregular book.
    12. An autopsy has reportedly been undertaken.
    13. An edition of his Latin lyrics appeared at Regensburg in 1884.
    14. An understanding of persuasive technique should help you recognize their use.
    15. Anyone who has a problem with their accommodation should speak to the Welfare Officer.
    16. Are there any English magazines in this library?
    17. Are you going to have a blue birthday cake for your next birthday?
    18. As a representative of the Student Council, attendance at all meetings is compulsory.
    19. As if overnight, we seem to be plunged into the start of winter with low temperatures.
    20. As you couldn’t see the film, we’ll tell you something about it.
    21. Authorities rendered the weapon and the explosive device inoperable.
    22. Basically marketing is about making people want to buy.
    23. Becoming a great leader is impossible without enthusiasm.
    24. Before electric lighting, adults generally slept about eight or nine hours per night.
    25. Before you start your essays you should revise the issues we discussed today.
    26. Being a student representative on the union really cuts into my study time.
    27. Bioremediation methods have been experimented to clear oil spills using bacteria.
    28. Blurred visuals come usually when either we are in deep thoughts or otherwise distracted.
    29. Books for children often contain many beautiful illustrations.
    30. Books which are overdue will incur a daily fine.
    31. Brand physique goes beyond mere physical brand characteristics.
    32. Brutes joined hands with Cassius and assassinated Caesar.
    33. Can we really learn to speak a foreign language like a native.
    34. Cells are the smallest units of an organism.
    35. Challenge yourself by playing up against a stronger and tougher competition.
    36. Communication skills can be taught to anyone willing to learn.
    37. Computer software has changed a lot in the last year.
    38. Computers can store complex objects consisting of both data and programming instructions.
    39. Conservation is survival of future generations.
    40. Contracts with utilities will be signed starting next month.
    41. Corporations have to be more and more focused on instituting higher labor standards.
    42. Currents work in the same way long thin wires have more, resistance than do short thick wires.
    43. Dense black smoke rose as demonstrators burned tires.
    44. Despite the engineering difficulties buildings continue to get taller and taller.
    45. Detailed analysis of population growth has revealed some alarming predictions.
    46. Detoxification of the contaminated sites is expensive and time consuming.
    47. Distance learning has become far more popular these days.
    48. Do you have any tickets for today’s performance?
    49. Do you know any family that needs help?
    50. Do you know how to ride a snowboard?
    51. Do you like tea or coffee?
    52. Does the college refectory offer vegetarian dishes on a daily basis?
    53. Does the government in your country help families that need help?
    54. Does the university have an ice-hockey team?
    55. Don’t drink any alcohol even if you drive carefully.
    56. Don’t get alarmed but I’ve taken the liberty to be a tad candid with him.
    57. Brown’s office has moved to level 2.
    58. Due to lack of policies for proper water management the irrigation system is too poor.
    59. During some stages of sleep your eyes move rapidly behind your closed eyelids.
    60. During that period heavy industry grew rapidly in the north of the country.
    61. Each statement or observation needs thorough investigation and verification.
    62. Economy of scale is the increase in efficiency that occurs when more goods are produced.
    63. Education is the key to unlocking the world, a passport to freedom.
    64. elephants spend some of their sleeping time standing up and some of it laying down.
    65. Even during leisure time you can hear attempts to persuade or influence.
    66. Even now scientists still don’t know whether animals dream while they sleep.
    67. Even though he drove with care he failed the test.
    68. Every student in the class passed the exam without trouble.
    69. Everyone wanted to meet the artist and discuss the work they were interested in.
    70. Evidence suggests that the human brain changes shape in response to the way it is used.
    71. Exam results will be available next week from the course office.
    72. Exercise isn’t so important for survival in modern times.
    73. Extra seminars will be scheduled to assist you with revision.
    74. Extraordinary merits have been offset by extraordinary defects.
    75. Factors such as cost and function influence the design of a bridge.
    76. Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light.
    77. Farmers is Asia will need to produce more rice in order to feed the increasing population.
    78. Fatigue is a factor in a significant proportion of road accidents.
    79. Fighter jets, helicopters and warships will guard against security threats.
    80. First skim the exam paper, then read it carefully.
    81. Folktales are passed orally from generation to generation.
    82. For 20 years, I have worked as instructor and a professor in biochemistry and biophysics.
    83. For Long, Science remained entangled with superstition.
    84. Free people establish government to protect their rights.
    85. Generally consumers, trust friends more than commercial information such as advertisement.
    86. Generally young children around the world enjoy listening to stories.
    87. Global warming would mean flooded rivers, submerged sea coasts and disruption in agriculture.
    88. Good weather is the main ingredient of an enjoyable holiday.
    89. Handsome faces and corrupt hearts act a large portion of the drama of human life.
    90. Having a shower before going to bed can help you sleep.
    91. He delayed making the unclassified report public.
    92. He didn’t seem surprised to see his alleged friend.
    93. He had a sore throat so I gave him my bottle of water and told him to keep it.
    94. He had been granted entry into the White House only for the daily briefing.
    95. He looks very fit in spite of his age.
    96. He reads magazines but he doesn’t like to read books.
    97. He was a master printer and an artist of the first order.
    98. He was appointed by the general assembly as the professor of oriental languages.
    99. He was not the only one to call for a legal reform in the sixteenth century.
    100. He was thought to be merely amusing himself with politics.
    101. Health care providers and manufacturers must ascertain alternative treatments.
    102. Her baby cannot fall asleep unless she stays in the room.
    103. Her plan was to approach the building from the back parking lot.
    104. High interest rates have lead to the weakness of the job market.
    105. His interpretation is particularly helpful and informing.
    106. His stunt tonight was nothing short of jealousy.
    107. His warnings were laughed at.
    108. How did you know that I was going to have a peanut butter sandwich for lunch?
    109. How much time did you spend doing research before you started writing.
    110. However we’ve lost the match.
    111. Humans are explorers and as explorers we like to map our discoveries.
    112. I am now well into reading the book from cover to cover
    113. I complimented him on his brilliant success in the examination.
    114. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop on your conversation.
    115. I don’t know what to say.
    116. I go for swimming one day a week.
    117. I have done busy at work again working long days.
    118. I have enough acreage and cattle to absorb some of the loss.
    119. I have tried to keep up with the year’s event.
    120. I hope to work less hours each week for less pay.
    121. I look for the day when a billion planets are populated with a billion people each.
    122. I looked in my closet for something to wear, but I couldn’t find anything appropriate for the occasion.
    123. I need a short extension in order to finish the assignment.
    124. I think it’s very difficult for an Englishman to imitate a real American accent.
    125. I think we should get together over the weekend to discuss this assignment.
    126. I thought I would begin with a quote from one of the most famous economists of all time.
    127. I thought the last two chapters were the hardest to understand.
    128. I want to go for a meal then go to the opera.
    129. I went to the dentist the other day and let me pick a prize out of the prize box.
    130. I would never feed my dog commercial dog food.
    131. I’d better get my campaign manager cracking.
    132. If I were an animal I’d be a lion.
    133. If the circumstances justified it, the necessary proceedings could be taken.
    134. If their aspiration are not achieved, they become gloomy.
    135. If they were older, they could go to the party.
    136. If you are unable to complete the task in time please notify me by email.
    137. If you want to quit the student union, tell the registrar.
    138. I’m afraid Professor Jones doesn’t suffer fools gladly.
    139. I’m going home whether you like it or not.
    140. I’m going to attend the briefing for students.
    141. I’m sorry, but I have a previous appointment for tomorrow.
    142. I’m sorry, Peter is ill and I can’t come either.
    143. Immortals and deities didn’t have the capacity to care for others.
    144. In 1868 he became editor of the Dublin Review.
    145. In fact, engineering science is an extremely abstract and theoretical science.
    146. In most cases quality products don’t need much advertising.
    147. In order to be happy oneself it is necessary to make at least one other person happy.
    148. In other words, Apple’s stock is cheap, and you should buy it.
    149. In some countries sporting activities are compulsory even for university students.
    150. In spite of being a mediocre athlete at best, Dean had thrived on sports.
    151. In spite of the lateness of the hour, the rest of us were far too hyper for sleep.
    152. In the art galleries main hall there is a nice sculpture carved from stone.
    153. Interior Department officials conducted an extensive scientific inquiry.
    154. International students can get help with locating housing near the university.
    155. Introverts as well as extroverts can be inspiring managers.
    156. It is important that you work as a team on this project.
    157. It is normal to wake up several times each night.
    158. It isn’t certain whether or not other animals dream.
    159. It must be nice to be able to come out here and see them anytime you want.
    160. It was an illogical thought, but her mind was beyond logic.
    161. It was evident that Prince Andrew was not interested in such abstract conversation.
    162. It was often planted near dwellings to keep away evil spirits.
    163. It will take a while for everyone to settle down.
    164. It’s important that humans dispose of their waste in appropriate ways.
    165. It’s important that people with responsible jobs get plenty of sleep.
    166. I’ve got a tutorial in an hour and I haven’t had any time to prepare for it.
    167. Junk food’s popularity relies on marketing.
    168. Knowledge can be acquired by observing nature and its phenomena.
    169. Lack of sleep can lead to changes in behavior.
    170. Large districts or towns have fewer representatives than smaller ones.
    171. Let’s meet after class to discuss these issues in more detail.
    172. Living organism adapt to changing environmental conditions.
    173. Make sure you correctly cite all your sources.
    174. Many new drivers are terrified of motorway driving.
    175. Many privately-owned firms have been eaten up by larger corporations.
    176. Market research surveys may be given by telephone, the internet or in person.
    177. Marketing involves many activities including doing research, developing products and promoting them.
    178. Marxism includes a theory of history with prescriptive prognoses for the future.
    179. Mary felt happy when she learned the results of the election.
    180. May the love of those around you help you through the days ahead?
    181. Meanwhile, universities have raised tuition every year.
    182. Milk is often turned sour by a thunderstorm.

    1. Modem poetry often tests the conventions of language and rhythm.
    2. Monoculture crops are susceptible to pests, and require a lot of pesticides to prevent damage.
    3. Most adults need around eight hours of sleep every night.
    4. Most of the students were not able to attend Professor Green’s seminar.
    5. Most of these criticisms can be shown to be false.
    6. Most people dislike advertisements but appear be influenced by them anyway.
    7. Most students are not eligible to claim housing benefit.
    8. Most students on last year’s course did well in this module.
    9. Moving up the class ladder also brings unexpected costs.
    10. Much of the involuntary muscular movement is necessary for existential survival.
    11. My band-aid wasn’t sticky any more so it fell off on the way to school.
    12. My biggest concern for the future is Climate change.
    13. My contention is that creativity now is as important in education as literacy.
    14. My friend gave me a lift because it was raining.
    15. My house is in the northern part of the city.
    16. My mom made a milkshake with frozen bananas and chocolate sauce.
    17. Natural selection is a very complex phenomenon and has baffled the smartest of brains.
    18. Neither drinks nor food are allowed in this room.
    19. New problems can only be solved by thinking and reaching beyond narrow disciplines.
    20. New products are driven not by some central authority but the free market.
    21. New timetables will be posted on the student noticeboard.
    22. Next he must abstain from all flesh diet except fish.
    23. Next time, we’ll discuss the influence of the media on public policy.
    24. Next week’s tutorial, on Tuesday, has been cancelled.
    25. No crop responds more readily to careful husbandry and skillful cultivation.
    26. Not one of his movements escaped her keen observation.
    27. Nowadays persuasion is an important area of research within social psychology.
    28. Often the point of advertisements is to raise awareness, rather than give information.
    29. One piece of good news to come out of this week is a movie.
    30. One theory says that dreams help the long term memory.
    31. Opposition to the government’s tax policies was widespread across business sectors.
    32. Our young people need education and more organized activities.
    33. Palestinian President declared three days of mourning.
    34. Passengers were seated on the sofas, reading, or playing games.
    35. Plants have feelings too.
    36. Please come to the next seminar properly prepared.
    37. Please hand in your assignment before three o’clock.
    38. Please have copies of your seminar papers in the library a week in advance.
    39. Please note that the college laboratories will be closed for cleaning next week.
    40. Please switch off all electronic devices when you are attending a conference session.
    41. Politicians and marketing professionals have a good understanding of persuasion.
    42. Praise must be given to the earnest and efficient missionaries.
    43. Privacy issues surrounding mobile computing are becoming complex.
    44. Professor Smith will be late for today’s lecture.
    45. Public projects include mass transit, electricity networks and water utility.
    46. Qualities such as these are not generated under bad working practices.
    47. Races were held up here until the late seven days.
    48. Real love is not the stuff of pop songs.
    49. Real wealth is never measured in money or possessions.
    50. Republicans take control of the senate as the majority party.
    51. Researchers calculate the difference between willful and passive response to stimuli.
    52. Robotics is the science of developing robots.
    53. Robots are common in industry.
    54. Rolling Stone magazine obtained the report and posted it.
    55. Safety divers were ready to rescue anyone who became stuck.
    56. Sarah prepared an elaborate breakfast in the morning.
    57. School boards exert influence over what students read.
    58. Science is knowledge of certain phenomena found under certain conditions.
    59. Scientific Laws demand induction from facts and not deduction from dogmas.
    60. Scientists have been conducting studies of individual genes for years.
    61. Scientists still aren’t sure why we need to sleep.
    62. Self-esteem is a person’s subjective appraisal of himself as positive or negative.
    63. Semester 1 ends the last week in November.
    64. Several pilots and crew members had to escape at once.
    65. She acknowledged that my statement was true.
    66. She doesn’t pay much attention to how she dresses.
    67. She felt comfortable enough now to approach that intimate conversation.
    68. She glanced nervously around the brush and back at him.
    69. She goes to the tennis club because she likes to play tennis.
    70. She is related to him by marriage.
    71. She likes swimming, even in winter.
    72. She stirred the ice cream until it was soft.
    73. She was trying hard to ignore the sensations in her body.
    74. Since he’s lost his money, he couldn’t go to the restaurant.
    75. Sleep came without definition, as did the dream.
    76. Sleep science is a very active area of research.
    77. Snuff is taken by the old man.
    78. Some of the references in the essay were old and out-of-date.
    79. Some of the worst accidents in history have been linked to sleep-depravation.
    80. Some species of birds can sleep while they are flying.
    81. Some survey show only subtle differences in happiness between people.
    82. Sometimes ads promote a brand rather than a particular product.
    83. Sophia has been taking care of her sick brother for the last six months.
    84. Spending time with your significant other should be high on your priority list.
    85. Storytelling is a common teaching technique in many countries.
    86. Students must hand in their assignments by Friday.
    87. Students who wish to apply for an extension should approach their tutors.
    88. Students with queries about this term’s timetables must speak to their tutor immediately.
    89. Studies suggest there may be a correlation between educational achievement and family size.
    90. Style is very important in the design of buildings.
    91. Such is the nature of a blood bond.

    1. Surprisingly some people actually enjoy watching advertisements on television.
    2. Take your mobile with you in case you miss the bus.
    3. Target could raise the price on the remaining copies because of the increased demand.
    4. That boy is so mean that he doesn’t care if a door slams in your face or if he cuts in line.
    5. That confidence was certainly evident in the way he handled the play.
    6. That will give me a lot more leisure time than I have now.
    7. The amount of sleep that adults need doesn’t change as they get older.
    8. The Arts Magazine is looking for a new Assistant Editor.
    9. The beast stands for evil and darkness.
    10. The beggar was laughed at by the children.
    11. The biggest health problem in many places is lack of exercise.
    12. The boys walked down the road and their parents waved from the house.
    13. The causality theory states that for every effect, there is a cause.
    14. The chemistry exam results were posted on the website yesterday.
    15. The chief industries are weaving, leather-making, dyeing and working in iron and pottery.
    16. The child was made to drink the milk.
    17. The chocolate chip cookies smelled so good that I ate one without asking.
    18. The circulation desk is located on the ground floor.
    19. The circumstances leading up to the shootings was not immediately available.
    20. The cliff was being climbed by the boy.
    21. The committee worked in accord on the bill, and it eventually passed.
    22. The conference is predicted to draw greater numbers than last year.
    23. The cost is now very reasonable compared with what it was year or so ago.
    24. The course outline can be obtained from Professor Hill’s assistant.
    25. The crisis is still a pivotal element in any constitutional law course.
    26. The delivery period is approximately four months.
    27. The developers are now seeking approval from the landmarks commission.
    28. The diagram shows the four main causes of this problem.
    29. The Drama Society is now auditioning for parts in the student play.
    30. The Economics Faculty building is located on City Road.
    31. The electronic equipment had disappeared as well.
    32. The enemy barracks were attacked by the soldiers.
    33. The facts you have garnered with such infinite trouble invariably fail you at a pinch.
    34. The female spider cuts off intimate relations by eating her partner.
    35. The fertile plains in the east of the region provide excellent land for farming.
    36. The financial report for the last quarter will be available this afternoon.
    37. The first Super Bowl featured college marching bands.
    38. The foundation of every state is the education of its youth.
    39. The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings.
    40. The hardness of the butter is proportional to the softness of the bread.
    41. The key points were contained in the summary on pages three to twenty.
    42. The key to effective study is being organized.
    43. The knight was gallant not only in war, but also in love.
    44. The large number of forensic tests failed to find any substantial evidence.
    45. The Law Library is closed on Sundays and public holidays.
    46. The lecture on child psychology has been postponed until Friday.
    47. The lecture will deal with the influence of technology on music.
    48. The library will be closed for three days over the bank holiday weekend.
    49. The loser of the race buys everybody else an ice cream.
    50. The meeting will take place in the main auditorium.
    51. The men’s and women’s unemployment rates reached the same level.
    52. The minute stain on the document was not visible to the naked eye.
    53. The modern approach to the problem is to stress the symbolic side of human nature.
    54. The moms and dads all sat around drinking coffee and eating donuts.
    55. The more we communicate, the less we really say.
    56. The most modern agricultural equipment is now extremely expensive.
    57. The nepotism in which the pope indulged is especially inexcusable.
    58. The new drug will be tested in North America.
    59. The number of students registering for postgraduate research has risen.
    60. The paradox is that the computer is man-made but seems to promise a non-human precision.
    61. The political turmoil has not discouraged the visitors
    62. The prime minister acknowledged that he had violated some laws.
    63. The research looked at neighborhood cooperative scheme such as community gardens.
    64. The research looked at neighborhood cooperative schemes such as community gardens.
    65. The resources are provided as links on the home page.
    66. The results of the experiment are not expected for several weeks.
    67. The results were not what we expected, so we conducted the experiment again.
    68. The seminar will now take place a week on Tuesday.
    69. The solution when boiled deposits most of its oxide in the meta-hydrate form.
    70. The strongest of emotions can be overpowered by introspection.
    71. The student welfare officer can help with questions about exam techniques.
    72. The study showed that people’s mood can be affected by news and weather reports.
    73. The tallest skyscrapers are known as supertall skyscrapers.
    74. The tendencies and instincts of the reptilian brain are strongest and most primitive.
    75. The thief was caught by the guard.
    76. The Times reported that he had committed journalistic fraud.
    77. The topic for discussion is usually related to the topic for speech.
    78. The tree that beside the running water is fresher and gives more fruit.
    79. The turning point in our company came with the successful takeover.
    80. The University is working towards being more environmentally sustainable.
    81. The winter Olympics are only two months away with the start being made on 12th of February.
    82. The world is a smaller place these days.
    83. There are hundreds of clubs and societies to choose from.
    84. There are many theories linking this to global warming.
    85. There are no places left in the morning tutorial.
    86. There are two modes of knowing-by argument and by experiment.
    87. There is a position available for a Junior Lecturer in Media Studies.
    88. There is a special emphasis on research and development of high technologies.
    89. There is an urgent need for people to help clean up the environment.
    90. There is disagreement among researchers about why we dream?
    91. There is more detail in the table on page five.
    92. There is plenty of cheap accommodation off-campus.
    93. There must have been some ingenious architects in the past.
    94. There will be a significant rise in tuition fees starting next year.
    95. There will be no extensions given for this project.
    96. There’s an hourly bus service from the campus into town.
    97. These flowers have a unique smell.
    98. They didn’t go to the party, and neither did I.
    99. They say Professor Jones’s lectures are always interesting, and funny.
    100. They vary in attributes such as age, occupation and educational background.
    101. They worked hard for the test, however, they failed.
    102. Things are there on the horizon.
    103. This is earliest that we have had snow for many years.
    104. This is the third time you’ve asked for an extension on this project.
    105. This module develops our understanding of the theory behind advertising campaigns.
    106. This semester we plan to specialize in educational psychology.
    107. This subsequently formed the first plank of the labor platform.
    108. Those who managed to survive were later oppressed.
    109. To be graded “Distinction”, a score of at least 80% is needed.
    110. To develop leadership skills, experience is very important.
    111. To raise a child to adulthood requires your heart, energy, time, and wealth.
    112. To understand this problem, consider our relationship with knowledge over the centuries.
    113. Tom doesn’t watch TV except on Saturdays.
    114. Tom said he would draw a map for her if necessary.
    115. Tom suggested another plan to the committee.
    116. Tomorrow’s lunchtime seminar on nuclear engineering has been postponed.
    117. Try to explain your point of view please.
    118. Tuesday’s lecture on social psychology will now take place in the Central Hall.
    119. Tutorials are held for two hours, every Thursday, during semester.
    120. Under normal conditions, markets will allocate resources efficiently.
    121. Unlike applied arts, fine arts do not serve a practical function.
    122. Usually but not always reviews provide an unbiased source of information.
    123. Various measures were proposed which would but have aggravated the situation.
    124. Visual aids can make presentations clearer and more interesting.
    125. We all need to relax and unwind even more these days.
    126. We are already halfway through the year.
    127. We can either go to the cinema or to the café.
    128. We do a lot less exercise than our ancestors did.
    129. We drove the car until the tank ran dry.
    130. We have a plan which will be put into action.
    131. We know that sleep is essential for normal life.
    132. We need to guard against the onslaught of digitized images and our dependence on them.
    133. We often err when it comes to concentration and perception.
    134. We require a large land mass to give more settled weather.
    135. We should divide the assignment into three parts and work together.
    136. We will divide the class into three discussion groups.
    137. We will need the equipment in the main lab for this experiment.
    138. We would use his brushes in new and interesting ways.
    139. Wealth is desired by all and acquired by some.
    140. Weather here is very unpredictable.
    141. Weather is very “Christmassy” this year with some snowfalls and sharp morning frosts on u already.
    142. What a beautiful way to celebrate an anniversary.
    143. What will happen if there’s power failure now?
    144. What you don’t know about writing is also a form of knowledge.
    145. When a person is intimidated, in self-preservation he does everything to save his life.
    146. When I arrived the big dog barked because it was lonely.
    147. When I called his residence in the morning, he was still in bed.
    148. When I grow up, I will live in countryside.
    149. When you’re in London, write an e-mail to me.

  1. Which air conditioner do you think is the most efficient?
  2. While each animal wandered through the maze, its brain was working furiously.
  3. Why is one compelled to react to negative emotions so strongly and irrationally?
  4. Will those happy days ever be forgotten by you?
  5. Wisdom is knowledge about certain principles and causes.
  6. With a little effort anything can be accomplished.
  7. With security and comfort came leisure, and the mind of early Man.
  8. Without doubt, his primary motive was economic.
  9. Words can’t express how saddened we are to hear of your loss.
  10. You are not permitted to take reference books out of the library.
  11. You can get to the college by bus, train or car.
  12. You cannot complete your test at this rate of writing progress.
  13. You don’t have to be on Professor Smith’s course to attend this lecture.
  14. You must establish a day and a time with your tutor.
  15. You need not see him, send an email today itself.
  16. You need to write a proposal for your research.
  17. You seem to have lost sight of original objective.
  18. You should add the remaining laptops into the pile over there.
  19. You will be informed of the results by email.
  20. You will find the economics section on the second floor of the library.
  21. Your mind is stemming with ideas and not just randomly.
  22. Your way of looking at something depends on your situation.
  23. You’re the best advertising executive this company has ever had.