PTE Reading | Fill in the Blanks | Practice Questions

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PTE Reading | Fill in the Blanks | Practice Questions


Earthquakes are amongst the most destructive ________ 1) disasters. They usually _______ 2) without any warning and _________ 3) in a great _________ 4) of life and an enormous demolition of buildings. Additionally, they may cause devastating landslides or create gigantic tidal waves which, in _________ 5), are colossal walls of water smashing into seashores with such force that they are ________ 6) of destroying coastal cities. However, the _________ 7) majority of fatalities and serious injuries ___________ 8) about when buildings ________ 9).

  1. nature/ naturalistic/ natural/ native
  2. hit/ strike/ fall/ attack
  3. result/ effect/ lead/ cause
  4. fatality/ waste/ harm/ loss
  5. fact/ certainty/ honesty/ truth
  6. potential/ conceivable/ capable/ possible
  7. wide/ broad/ full/ vast
  8. bring/ come/ lay/ make
  9. demolish/ jumble/ destroy/ collapse

[show_more more=”solution” less=”Hide solution”] 1.Natural 2. Strike 3. Result 4. Loss 5. Fact 6. Capable 7. Vast 8. Come 9. Collapse [/show_more]

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