PTE Prediction File January 2020

pte prediction file feb 2020

PTE Prediction File January 2020

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1. Girls Outperform Boys


Teenage girls are continuing to outperform boys in English while the gender gap in achievements in math and science has almost disappeared. The figures show that last year 80% of 14-year-old girls reached at least the expected level 5 in English, compared with 65% of boys. But in math, the girls are just 1% ahead of boys, while in science the difference is 2%.


2. The Only Family



Imagine living all your life as the only family on your street. Then, one morning, you open the front door and discover houses all around you. You see neighbors tending their gardens and children walking to school. Where did all the people come from? What if the answer turned out to be that they had always been there—you just hadn't seen them?


3. Elephant​​ (Most Repeated)


The elephant is the largest living land mammal. During evolution, its skeleton has greatly altered from the usual mammal, design for two main reasons. One is to cope with the great weight of huge grinding cheek teeth and elongated tusk, making the skull particularly massive. The other is to support the enormous bulk of such a huge body.


4. Russia


Long isolated from Western Europe, Russia grew up without participating in the development like the Reformation that many Europeans taking pride in their unique culture, find dubious value. Russia is, as a result, the most unusual member of European family, if indeed it is European at all. The question is still open to debate, particularly among Russians themselves.


5. Pluto


Pluto lost its official status as a planet yesterday, when the International Astronomical Union downsized the solar system from nine to eight planets. Although there had been passionate debates at the IAU General Assembly Meeting in Prague about the definition of a planet – and whether Pluto met the specifications – the audience greeted the decision to exclude it with applause.


6. Carbon Emission​​ (Most Repeated)


When countries assess their annual carbon dioxide emissions, they count up their cars and power stations, but bush fires are not included presumably because they are deemed to be events beyond human control. In Australia, Victoria alone sees several hundred thousand hectares burn each year in both 2004 and the present summer, the figure has been over 1 million hectares.


7. Electric Car


First-year university students have designed and built a groundbreaking electric car that recharges itself. Fifty students from the University of Sydney's Faculty of Engineering spent five months cobbling together bits of plywood, foam and fiberglass to build the ManGo concept car. They developed the specifications and hand built the car. It's a pretty radical design: a four-wheel drive with a motor in each wheel.


8. Himalayas


Although it hails from a remote region of the western Himalayas, this plant now looks entirely at home on the banks of English rivers. Brought to the UK in 1839, it quickly escaped from Victorian gardens and colonized river banks and damp woodlands. Now it is spreading across Europe, New Zealand, Canada and the US.


9. Vanilla


The uniquely scented flavor of vanilla is second only to chocolate in popularity on the world’s palate. It’s also the second most expensive spice after saffron. But highly labor-intensive cultivation methods and the plant’s temperamental life cycle and propagation mean production on a global scale is struggling to keep up with the increasing demand for the product.


10. Akimbo​​ (Most Repeated)


Akimbo, this must be one of the odder-looking words in the language and puzzles us in part because it doesnt seem to have any relatives, Whats more, it is now virtually a fossil word, until recently almost invariably found in arms akimbo, a posture in which a person stands with hands on hips and elbows sharply bent outward, one signalling impatience or hostility.


11. Examination


The department determines whether or not the candidate has passed the examination. In cases where an appearance for the final public oral examination would constitute a substantial financial hardship for the candidate, the director of graduate studies may recommend to the dean of the Graduate School that the examination be waived.


12. Online Shopping Environments


A unique characteristic of online shopping environments is that they allow vendors to create retail interfaces with highly interactive features. One desirable form of interactivity from a consumer perspective is the implementation of sophisticated tools/to assist shoppers in their purchase decisions by customizing the electronic shopping environment to their individual preferences.

13. Lights


Have you ever picture a world without light? Just think how much we rely on man-made light sources in our lives, without engineers, we wouldn’t be able to live the way we do. No street lights, no TV, no computer displays, no house light, engineers design and build all these things.


14. The Most Measurable Benefit


Perhaps the most measurable benefit of the program has been the opportunity to me in small groups, something that is difficult to arrange such a desperate organization. Many officers would have to work together for thirty years but would not know others strength and weakness.



15. Preparation of abstract


The preparation of abstract is an intellectual effort, requiring general familiarity with the subject. To bring out the salient points of author’s argument calls for skill and experience. Consequently, a considerable amount of qualified manpower that could be used to advantage in other ways must be diverted to the task of facilitating access to information.


16. Domestic Work


Traditional divisions of domestic work are understood to persist because of the strong association of the home with femininity and paid work with masculinity – to challenge who does what in the home is arguably tantamount to challenge what it is to be a woman or a man.


17. Recycle used materials​​ (Most Repeated)


When we recycle, used materials are converted into new products, reducing the need to consume natural resources. If used materials are not recycled, new products are made by extracting fresh, raw material from the Earth, through mining and forestry. Recycling helps conserve important raw materials and protects natural habitats for the future.


18. Brain’s working​​ (Most Repeated)


Scientists know little about how exactly it works, especially when it comes to complex functions like memory formation. Research is more advanced in animals, but experiments on humans are hard. Yet, even today, some parts of the brain, like the motor cortex, are better understood. Nor is complete knowledge always needed. Machine learning can recognize patterns of neural activity; the brain itself gets the hang of controlling BCIS with extraordinary ease. And neurotechnology will reveal more of the brain’s secrets.


19. MBA


Exhilarating, exhausting and intense. There are just some of the words used to describe doing an MBA. Everyone’s experience of doing MBA is, of course,


Different through denying that it’s hard and a demanding work whichever course you do. MBA is one of the fastest growing areas of studying in the UK so that must be a sustainable benefit against form in one pain.


20. Brain Hemispheres


The brain is divided into two hemispheres, called the left and the right hemispheres. Each hemisphere provides a different set of functions, behaviors, and controls. The right hemisphere is often called the creative side of the brain, while the left hemisphere is the logical or analytic side of the brain. The right hemisphere controls the left side of the body, and the left hemisphere controls the right side.



21. Fast food​​ (Most Repeated)


Hundreds of millions of people eat fast food every day without giving it much thought. They just unwrap their hamburgers and dig in. An hour or so later, when the burger’s all gone and the wrapper’s been tossed into the garbage, the whole meal has already been forgotten.


22. Marketing


For any marketing course that requires development of marketing plan, such as marketing management, marketing strategy and segmentation support marketing, this is the only planning handbook that guides students through the step by step creation of customized marketing plan. While offering commercial software to aid in the process.


23. Private Equity


It isn’t rare for private equity houses to hire grads fresh out of business school, he said, but 9 times out of 10, the students who nab these jobs are the ones who had private equity experience under their belts before even starting their MBA program.


24. Productive Capacity


The core of the problem was the immense disparity between the country’s productive capacity and the ability of people to consume. Great innovations in productive techniques during and after the war raised the output of industry beyond the purchasing capacity of U.S. farmers and wage earners.


25. Plants​​ (Most Repeated)


The maximum yield of plants, determined by their genetic potential, is seldom achieved because factors such as insufficient water or nutrients, adverse climate conditions, plant diseases, and insect damage will limit growth at some stage. Plants subjected to these biotic and abiotic constraints are said to be stressed.


26. Projects​​ (Most Repeated)


This year the National Environmental Science Competition received excellent undergraduate and postgraduate entries from all across the country, with a wide

Range of projects. We are delighted that our awards are encouraging exciting and valuable projects that go beyond research and analysis to develop solutions for a number of key problems. Information about the shortlisted projects will be posted on our website in the first week in June.


27. No ordinary book


This book is no ordinary book, and should not be read through from beginning to end. It contains many different adventures, and the path you take will depend on the choices you make along the way. The success or failure of your mission will hinge on the decisions you make, so think carefully before choosing.


28. Hybrid electric vehicles​​ (Most Repeated)



Internal hybrid electric, enabling the driver to decide which source of power is appropriate for the travel requirements of given journey. Major U.S. auto manufacturers are now developing feasible hybrid electric vehicles, and some are exploring fuel-cell technology for their electric cars.


29. Training process of actor​​ (Most Repeated)


The training of an actor is an intensive process which requires curiosity, courage and commitment. You will learn how to prepare for rehearsal, how to rehearse and how to use independent and proactive processes that inform you to do the best work possible for both stage and screen.


30. Statistical Information


The provision of accurate and authoritative statistical information strengthens modern societies. It provides a basis for decisions to be made on such things as where to (open)locate schools and hospitals, how much money to spend on welfare payments and even which football players to replace at half-time.


31. Weakness


Weakness in electronics, auto and gas station sales dragged down overall retail sales last month, but excluding those three categories, retailers enjoyed healthy increases across the board, according to government figures released Wednesday. Moreover, December sales numbers were also revised higher.


32. Population Growth​​ (Most Repeated)


How quickly is the world’s population growing? In the United States and other developed countries, the current growth rate is very low. In most developing countries, the human population is growing at a rate of 3 percent per second.

Because of this bustling growth rate, the human population is well on its way to reaching 9 billion within lifetime.


33. Museum of art


Using more than fifty interviews, award-winning writer Danny Danziger creates a fascinating mosaic of the people behind New York’s magnificent Metropolitan

Museum of Art from the aristocratic, acerbic director of the museum, Philippe de Montebello, to the curators who have a deep knowledge and passionate appreciation of their collections, from the security guards to the philanthropists who keep the museum’s financial life blood flowing. Most words have experienced several changes in meaning throughout their history.


34. Tesla


Tesla came over from Graz and went to work for Thomas Edison. Nonetheless Edison offered him a job, promising Tesla fifty thousand dollars if Tesla could redesign Edison’s breakdown-prone DC generator designs. The new generator designs were a vast improvement over Edison’s originals. Upon completing the job Tesla went to Edison to collect the $50,000 promised for the task. Tesla, Edison replied, you don’t understand our American humor. And Tesla was never paid. These two men became arch-rivals.



35. Marijuana​​ (Most Repeated)


Another administration option is to bake marijuana at a relatively low temperature to kill any dangerous microorganisms and then allow that patient to eat it or drink it. Both of these methods of administration make smoking the drug unnecessary. However, criticism of medical marijuana has also been raised because as a natural plant, it cannot be patented and marketed by pharmaceutical companies and is unlikely to win widespread medical acceptance.


36. Literature​​ (Most Repeated)


One of the important values of literature is that knowledge is our emotional life, the inner life that good review in their characters, often gives us glimpses into some portion of ourselves. We can devote to laugh, cry tremor, dream, ponder, shriek, or risk by simply turning a page instead of turning our lives upside down.


37. Swan


Before European explorers had reached Australia, it was believed that all swans were white. Dutch mariner, Antounie Caen, was the first to be amazed at the sight of Australia's Black swans on the Shark Bay in 1636.


38. Learning​​ (Most Repeated)


There is no single method of learning that guarantee success. How we learn that depends on many different factors. And what works best for you will not​​ necessarily be that same as the approach used for the other students even they study the same course. We are all unique as learners, although some patterns emerge any groups of students.


Repeat Sentence:


  • Much of the evidence been used has only recently become available.


  • Could you please pass the handouts along to the rest of people in your row.


  • Chapter one provides the historical background to the topic.


  • Children are not allowed in the tutorial room at any time.​​ (Most Repeated)​​ Children are not allowed in the chemical labs.


  • The study of archaeology requires extensive international fieldwork.


  • All lectures’ handouts are downloadable on the university website.​​ (Most




  • I will be in my office every day from ten to twelve.


I will be in my office every day from 11 o'clock to 2 o'clock.


  • The US ranks 22nd in foreign aid, given as a percentage of GDP.


  • Once more under the pressure of economic necessity, practice out stripped theory.​​ (Most Repeated)


  • Unfortunately, the two most interesting economic selection clash on my timetable.


  • The verdict depends on which side was more convicting to the jury.


  • The lecture on child psychology has been postponed until Friday.


  • Our university has strong partnerships with industries as well as collaborative relationships with government bodies.​​ (Most Repeated)


  • This part of session is not supported by documentation.


  • The first few sentences of an essay should capture the readers’ attention.


  • It is clear that there is little accurate documentation in support of this claim.


  • Our fundamental realities, especially national needs, have seen the ability to flourish.​​ (Most Repeated)


  • A renowned economist is selected to have a speech tonight at eight.


  • You need to read the chapter before the management class.


  • The competency in the language in the assignment is to use more formal words.


  • The trip for the professional training will start soon, so, pack the items before we leave.

  • Globalization has been an overwhelming urban and urbanization phenomenon.


  • Companies need to satisfy customers’ needs if they want to be successful.


(Most Repeated)


  • The clear evidence between brain events and behavioral events is fascinating.


  • The portfolio is due at the internal review office no later than Tuesday.


(Most Repeated)


  • I don’t understand that what the comment of my essay means at all.


  • You can pay by cash or using a credit card.


  • The seminar on writing has been canceled.


  • It is interesting to observe the development of the language skills of toddlers.​​ (Most Repeated)


  • The key to success in the exam is to study hard and do well.


  • Company exists to make money, not to change world.


  • Many of the university’s original buildings are still in use.


  • We will see if we can get through this without too many interruptions.


  • In marketing, short-term thinking leads to many problems.


  • You must ensure you do not include too much irrelevant information.


  • What is the most effective way of interaction between teachers and students in class?​​ (Most Repeated)


  • We didn't mean to ask him to do it because he cannot manage it.


  • Please sort and order the slides of the presentation according to topic and speech time.


  • The older equipment has been put at the back of the building.


  • We want to attract the very best students regardless of their financial circumstances.​​ (Most Repeated)


  • If you want to sell your book, it must have a list of bibliography.


  • We need to make sure the school principal know about the changes.​​ (Most




  • Please carefully study the framework and complete the survey.


  • In 1880, cycling became a phenomenon in the United States.

  • If you want to receive the reimbursement, you must submit the original receipts.


  • The bookstore is located on the main campus behind the library.​​ (Most




  • The author expressed an idea that modern readers definitely cannot accept.


  • Care needs to be taken for vulnerable groups in the times of infection.


  • This hypothesis on black hole is rendered moot as explanation of the explosion.


  • Don’t forget to hand in your assignment by next Tuesday.


  • Nearly half of television outputs are given a way for educational program.


(Most Repeated)


  • I could not save my work as my computer got crashed.


  • Arteries carry blood from heart to the other parts of the body.


  • The generic biology technology lab is located at the North Wing of the library.​​ (Most Repeated)


  • There is no noticeable variance between 2 and 3 tests.


  • We didn't have any noticeable variance between the two or three tasks.


  • Please remember to check your email for update in the weekend.


  • There are a range of housing options near the university.​​ (Most Repeated)


  • Negative discourse continues to be predominant in discussion of gender.


  • Students are competing for every place in the computer courses.


  • Our school of Arts and Technology accept applications at all points throughout the year.


  • The university supply a number of travel scholarships that students can apply for.​​ (Most Repeated)


  • What distinguishes him from others is that he used black and white photography.


  • It is good for the environment also good for your electricity bill.


  • The chief industries are weaving, leather making, dyeing and working in iron and pottery.​​ (Most Repeated)


  • The United States has the maximum production of chocolate.​​ (Most




  • It's important that humans dispose of their waste in appropriate ways.

  • Students who wish to apply for an extension should approach their tutors.


  • The most modern agricultural equipment is now extremely expensive.


  • We are constantly looking for ways to bring industry and agriculture close together.​​ (Most Repeated)


  • Higher fees make students think more critically about what universities can offer.


  • In this library, reserved collection books can be borrowed for up to three hours.


  • Please make sure all works follow the department guidelines.


  • The cafe will close soon but you can still use the snack machine which is running overnight.​​ (Most Repeated)


  • The chief industries are weaving, leather making, dyeing and working in iron and pottery.


  • Proteins constitute at least thirty percent of the total mass of all living organism.​​ (Most Repeated)


  • The current and conventional method has many disadvantages including the side effects.


  • The gap between the rich and the poor was not decreased rapidly as expected.​​ (Most Repeated)


  • The professor will be the last speaker this evening.​​ (Most Repeated)


  • There is a limited amount of departmental funding which is available for qualified students.


  • This essay examined the use of computer in the science classroom.


  • Would you pass the material text book on the table?


  • The sports team members often practice on weekdays and play games on weekends.​​ (Most Repeated)


  • In English, the first letter of the months of the year are always capitalized.


(Most Repeated)


  • In my free time, I would like to read current affairs and newspapers.​​ (Most




  • This small Indian state is a land of forests, valleys and snowy islands.


  • All students and staff have access to the printers and scanners.


  • Basketball was created in 1891 by a physician and a physical instructor.


  • Please pass the handouts along to the rest of the people in your row.

  • Even with the permit, finding a parking spot on campus is almost impossible.


(Most Repeated)


  • It is important to take gender into account when discussing the figures.


  • Meeting with mentors could be arranged for students who need additional help.​​ (Most Repeated)


  • The portfolio is due at the internal review office no later than Tuesday.


  • In this library, the reserve collection of books can be borrowed for up to three hours.​​ (Most Repeated)


  • The agricultural sector in that country is heavily subsidized.


  • The Psychology Department is looking for volunteers to be involved in research projects.


  • The real reason for global hunger is not the lack of food, but poverty.​​ (Most




  • A demonstrated ability to write clear, correct and concise English is bigotry.


  • Newspapers across the country reported stories of the president.


  • Nearly half of the television outputs are given away for educational programs.​​ (Most Repeated)


  • Student loans are now available for international students.


  • The lecture theatre one is located on the ground floor of the Pack Building.


  • The small Indian island is a land of forests, valleys and snowy islands.


  • All of our accommodation is within a walking distance to the academic buildings.


  • Since the problems we face are global, we need to find global solutions.


(Most Repeated)




  • If she doesn’t speak the language, she will not sit around and wait for a translator.


  • Hypothetically, insufficient mastery in these areas slows future progress.


  • Negative discourse continues to be predominant in discussions about gender.​​ (Most Repeated)


  • His objection to including scientific evidence has brought a lot of criticism to him.


  • I could not save my work as my computer crashed.​​ (Most Repeated)

  • This hypothesis on the black hole is rendered moot as the explanation for the explosion.


  • In marketing, short-term thinking leads to disasters.


  • Acupuncture is a technique involved in traditional Chinese medicine.


  • They have enough works to keep them going.


  • In consultation with your supervisor, your thesis is approved by the faculty committee.


  • Once more under the pressure of economic necessity, practice outstripped theory.​​ (Most Repeated)


  • Applications for the course have a preference over English or Journalism.


  • In the 1880s, cycling became a major phenomenon in Europe.


  • Essays with few or no citations will be regarded as invalid.


  • The university has a number of scholarships that students can apply for.


  • In my free time, I would like to read current events and newspapers.


  • Children are not allowed to be in the lab at any time.


  • All old university buildings are still in use.


  • Our capacity to respond to national needs will determine our ability to flourish.​​ (Most Repeated)


  • It is argued that students can learn more in collaborative rather than individual tasks.​​ (Most Repeated)


  • Every living thing begins as a single cell.


  • The rules on breaks and lunch hours vary from company to company.


  • My computer was crashed so I could not save my work.


  • The older equipment has been put at the back of the building.​​ (Most




  • The buildings lovely in the bright sunshine.​​ (Most Repeated)


  • The modern approach to the problem is to stress the symbolic side of human nature


  • One of the salient characteristics in academic writing is the tendency to use formal words.


  • Of course, you can also choose to have your grades emailed to you.


  • Anonymous behaviors can be identified without intervention.​​ (Most



  • To contact the education executive, you need to call 401.​​ (Most




  • We didn't have any noticeable variance between the two or three tasks.


  • You can pay by using cash or a credit card.


  • I've got a tutorial in an hour and haven't had time to prepare for it.


  • She feared becoming an object of ridicule.​​ (Most Repeated)


  • We are so dependent on the computer that we cannot live without it.


  • Unfortunately, their immune systems were not strong enough to fight off common earthly bacteria.​​ (Most Repeated)


  • Lots of students had their money and passport stolen especially at night.



Retell Lectures




  • (Most Repeated)


The first inhabitants in Australia involved one or several successive waves and distinct peoples is a debate, as its timing. The accepted time frame places presence of humans in Australia at 40000 to 43000 years before present, while the upper range supported by others is 60000 to 70000 years when sea levels were lower than today by 100 to 150 m. Today Australia formed a single landmass. The ancestral Australian Aboriginal peoples were established through much of the continent. During the 1970s and 1980s around 120000 southern Asian refugees migrated to Australia. A policy of "multiculturalism" accepted the majority of immigrants came from Asia, led by China and India.



2. Sample answer:​​ (Most Repeated)


This lecture talks about two different realms of memories that are exceedingly complicated. Explicit memory is a memory that can be intentionally and consciously recalled, such as remembering people’s birthdays and answering multiple questions on the test, while implicit that memory is an exponential functional form which cannot be consciously recalled and cannot be tied to a visual memory but a muscle memory


  • Sample answer:​​ This lecture talks about influences of climate change.​​ Climate change will result in less production and less food. It is difficult for developing countries to deal with climate change due to their financial status and other issues. There are many people living in hungry, especially in Africa. The climate change will also have negative effects on the world economy. The tropical areas on earth are dry and hot, and are originally not suitable for food production.


  • Sample answer:​​ This lecture introduced earthquake. It talks about the​​ relationship between the fault lines in the Earth’s crust and an earthquake. Firstly, it tells us where the dislocation of the rock will be, from seven kilometers to several hundred kilometers. Then, it introduced epicenter, the earthquake’s focus, which is beneath the interior of the Earth’s crust and it will release the energy and cause earthquake. Thirdly, we can have faults’ maps according to the position of the epicentres. And at last, it introduced the cause of seismic wave.


  • Sample answer:​​ (Most Repeated)


You cannot grow a cloud drop without have a particle there for water to condense on. Scientists are trying to unravel which sources are contributing to the clouds. Clouds are very important in climate change. They also play huge role in regional weather. The pollution in the clouds is affecting weather patterns and reducing precipitation.


  • Sample answer:​​ (Most Repeated)


  • BSI leads the way in testing and certification of fire safety production.


2.They help clients get access not only to European, but also global market by​​ ensuring products meet all requirements.


3.The Kitemark TM is acknowledged the world over as a symbol of trust,​​ integrity, and quality.


4.For specifiers, they demonstrate a commitment to best procurement.


5.For the public, they provide the reassurance that fire safety products are​​ effective and reliable.


7. Sample answer​​ (Most Repeated)


The lecture is about Wilson, a major player in the successful effort of his generation to establish in the heart of American life and innovative literature that would equal the great cultures of Europe. He became the focal point of a mainstream American culture and modern literature that are read and appreciated by ordinary people. He joined a high artistic standard with an openness to all experience and a belief that literature was as much of a part of life for everyone as conversation. Wilson was a very various man. He was a dedicated, a literary journalist, and an investigative reporter, a brilliant memoirist, and dedicated journal keeper.



  • Sample answer:​​ This lecture is about protons transferred to LHC for 20​​ minutes to 6.5 TeV, where beams circulate inside beam pipes under operating conditions. Physicist’s try to count, track and characterize all particles, such as the charge and the momentum. Large Hadron Collider is the largest particle accelerator, which is about 28km long.


Moreover, protons accelerate to the speed of light, and they can be found in the atomic nucleus. In conclusion, electrical and magnetic fields are the key to a particle accelerator.


  • Sample answer:​​ The lecture mainly talks about the phenomenon that we​​ may share language and emotion with other animals. Based on the Pavlov’s experiment, Interesting things are that the salivation increases more time to paralyzes. Furthermore, the experiment showed what is going on in the brain to generate competitive state in terms of how the dog’s feeling and how you feel about eating lunch.


  • Sample answer:​​ (Most Repeated)


Removing immigration control would double the world economy. This policy will do so much to help poor people. Immigrants ends up with 20000 a year from gain and countries they come from. They send home around 200 billion dollars a year through formal channels which are twice as that through informal channels. These remittances can help local people for living straight.


  • Sample Answer:​​ This lecture talks about a biology tutorial. In this lecture,​​ the speaker gives many different topics, including DNA and genetics in cells, in bacteria, in life and a lot of interesting stuff. However, the speaker will stick with the basics. According to the speaker, he mentioned the scientific definition of biology which is the study of life in living organisms, such as plants and dogs. In​​ conclusion, it is clear that everyone had their own separate definition of life and we need to have an agreement over “what is life” at the very beginning.


  • Sample answer:​​ Bhutan, wedged between China and India, has adopted​​ the Gross National Happiness as the central index of government policy, and actually has a good deal of success in education and in health and in economic growth and in environmental preservation. They have a rather sophisticated way of measuring the effects of different policies on people’s happiness. They are the only country to go that far. Other countries interested enough to follow. So it is beginning to become a subject of greater interest for policymakers and legislators in different advanced countries.


  • Sample Answer:​​ (Most Repeated)



The lecture talks about a novelist who has been writing non- fiction for years with the intention of writing fiction at first, took a little detour for about 10 years. However, another great novelist, Eudora Welty has a big influence on her and encourages her to take a risk and write fiction in the early 90s. She said that no art ever came out of not risking your neck. The very first thing she wrote was actually the first chapter of the novel called “The secret life of bees”.


  • Sample answer:​​ The lecture talks about 3 stages of brain development,​​ which are the primitive brain, limbic brain and the neocortex. Different sections of the brain have different function and finished development in different times. For sensory pathways, including vision and hearing, develop from embryo time, peak at three-month-old, stop at more than 1-year-old. For language, develop from embryo time, peak around 9 months old, and stop at more than 1-year-old.


For higher cognitive function, develop from embryo time, peak at 1-year-old and develop for a longer period of time. Moreover, higher level functions, such as logical thinking, based on lower level of development.


15. Sample answer:​​ (Most Repeated)


This speaker believes European borders should be open for other countries although it is not politically acceptable now. He mentions why he thinks the argument for free migration has to be made at several levels: a principled case is that it increases freedom and reduces injustice; a humanitarian case is that it helps people much poorer than ourselves; an economic case: it makes us richer; and a pragmatic case is that it is inevitable, so it is in everyone's interests to make the best of it. Therefore, the developed countries should allow more freedom and respects for open borders.


  • Sample answer:​​ This lecture talks about the very first robots that were​​ characters in a play. People tend to think of robots as kind of cute cuddly toys or devoid of politics, but the first robots were actually created and imagined in a time of absolute political turmoil. Because of the First World War, there was a devastating impact across many countries and so people will be kind and people are kind of reflecting on what does it mean to be human, what makes us human,​​ and etc. However, the primary purpose is designed to be labour in a manufacturing production line.


  • Sample Answer:​​ There is a claim that says, “If you leave matter alone on​​ Earth, life will eventually exist.” However, if we expect a monkey to be able to produce the works of Shakespeare, it would in fact take trillions of years for a monkey to evolve to a state of intelligence high enough to do so. Since this time length is not likely, it is therefore fathomable to believe that God has created humans as intelligent beings simply by saying “let is be so,” rather than evolution making it so.


  • Sample Answer:​​ (Most Repeated)



The speaker mentions that western women are reluctant to give birth to babies because male's status in the society remains strong. The birth rates increased during the 20th century but it remains to decrease in the last two decades with even some negative birth rates. This has impacts on male in the society especially the young man, and it might have some connection with unemployment rate as well.


  • Sample answer:​​ This lecture mainly talks about heroic tales of superhuman​​ feats of strength. In proper terminology, a temporary boost of physical power called hysterical strength are anecdotal, and not repeatable, for the person who summons the super-strength cannot do the same as before. According to the anecdotal evidences, some people have the ability to temporarily exercise superhuman strength, especially in times of crisis, danger or fear.


  • Sample answer:​​ There would be a 0% chance to get a patent on a clicker if​​ we go to the patent office with nothing supporting information or details. If we convince the patent office that we should be able to get a patent on a clicker, it would be incredibly valuable because we would get benefit from infringement of this clicker. However, if million words are used to describe every single radius, material and others about this clicker. There is almost 100% chance to get the patent of it, but the value of this patent would be close to zero.


  • Sample answer:​​ This lecture is about recognizing the responsibility and​​ importance of communities to have authority in their languages. She has just moved to work with communities. She gives an example of a career woman who teaches in Sydney and is experiencing this nicely. She is distinguished in her expertise and have authority in her community. People gathered in a community with different individual narrow scope of knowledge and different languages, it is difficult to cope with one language. Languages are lost because of the dominance of one people over another. Therefore, the bottom line is not to lose the language by maintaining the authority of a language.


  • Sample answer:​​ (Most Repeated)


The concept of innovation equals invention is mistaken according to the speaker. Innovation generates value for the world and it’s faster, better and cheaper and It gives great satisfaction. While an invention is an idea, a technology and a

patent which does not generate value. Some think innovation and invention can interchange, which is also incorrect according to the speaker because innovation requires not only a new idea but also individual or organizational effort to commercialize it to make value to the world.


  • All of my research and that I conducted was my 60plus graduate students, was motivated by their need to learn, so that we can teach. Of course, in some inventions happened along the way but I’ve always considered the end the result. And I always consider that this invention to be byproduct, byproducts of the learning process. The end product for me was always better understanding or when one really succeeded in unifying theory that can help us in teaching the subject. I’ve also looked at teaching as a vehicle to try new ideas, of new ways to doing things on an intelligent group of learners. That is as the vehicle for the teaching research results. And in my experience, this kind of teaching is the most stimulated and motivating to students. I am also uncovered many interesting research problems is the cause of teaching assumption. It is this unity of research and teaching their close connection and the benefits gathered by exercising and the interplay that to be recognized the successful professor.


  • Version 2 Sample answer:​​ (Most Repeated)



This lecture talks about the neural circuits in a bottom-up sequence. Firstly, the brain builds basic circuits that are responsible for basic skills. And then more complex circuits are built on top of those basic circuits. The interaction between genetics and experience shows the reciprocal/mutual relationship that will influence their lives. In addition, our brain is an integrated organ which has multiple sections, so our brain could specialize in different kinds of processes, including cognitive function, emotion, scene and hearing. To summarize, individual learning abilities would be affected by experiences in adult development.


  • Sample answer:​​ This lecture is about sugar in food. There's sugar in a lot​​ of foods where we don't expect it, for example, in donuts of ice cream, or pastries; but there are other places where we see it and we don't necessarily expect it. An example is peanut butter which contains a lot of sugar but we may not know until reading food labels of ingredients. Another example is beef stew, you wouldn't necessarily have expected to find sugar in beef stew but it's there. Fresh potatoes have more sugar than carrots. So people should be careful of what to eat, avoiding taking in too much sugar.



  • Sample answer:​​ (Most Repeated)


This material mainly discussed that great civilizations always have a great production of culture and art because the societies failed to observe itself. We would understand nothing in Paris at the time if the Impressionists didn’t tell us anything through their works. Art used to be considered radical, but it indeed gives us a different way to view the world.


27. Sample answer:

1.The reason we need rhetoric is we have to use it.


2.We need to use rhetoric to influence morons, and get them to understand the​​ truth.


3.Rhetoric is the body, while the spirit is the soul.


4.If we want people to see the truth, we need to use some tricks, which is​​ rhetoric.


5.Because most people are ramble, and only the educated can see the truth.


28. Sample answer:​​ (Most Repeated)



Students are asked to prepare in advance before each tutorial, including looking up reading lists and preparing the writing notes. Furthermore, when we come into the tutorial, we are put into small groups and we are asked to discuss our ideas, generate new ideas, and then feed back to the class. We can ask questions at any time by asking peers or emailing any tutors. Moreover, the difference between lectures and tutorials is that students have about two hundred to three hundred students, whereas it’s about five to fifteen students in tutorials.


  • Sample answer:​​ A language dies when the last person who speaks it dies.​​ Languages have come and gone throughout history as communities have come and gone. One language is dying out somewhere in the world average every two weeks. A great deal can be done to preserve the endangered language, including people’s awareness of language preservation, respect of the minority languages and financial support of the endangered languages. In conclusion, without money, endangered languages have no positive futures.


  • (Most Repeated)


  • The lecture is about air pollution;


  • Increasing combustion which leads to greenhouse gases emissions is the major cause of global warming and climate change;


  • Soot emission is another bigger threat to humans’ health which makes people live shorter.


  • But we can’t ignore carbon dioxide emissions;


  • Soot emission is one quarter more harmful to health than carbon dioxide is;


  • Also, the reduction of soot emission is the quickest and easiest way to tackle global warming in short-term.




  • Mars is a hospitable planet.


  • The evidence is that researchers found several elements which are essential to form water, such as calcium carbonate, salt, mineral, and perchlorate.​​ 32. Sample answer:​​ (Most Repeated)


This lecture is about the determinants of human behavior. It is affected by both internal and external factors. At the end of the lecture, the speaker mentioned​​ that psychologists are interested in explaining human behavior. Generally, the personal factors are considered to be internal and environmental factors are external. Personal factors include people’s belief on certain things and their individual thinking about it, while the environmental factors include temperature, air pressure and the others’ thinking about them. In conclusion, human behavior is affected by both himself and the environment.


  • Sample answer:​​ This is an anti-HIV program carried out in India. There are​​ quarterly meetings to provide training and consultation to people in the program. They would know the service and how to prevent catching the diseases. The training is provided by professionals in hospital and weekly meetings are held to follow up and give consultation. The risks include contagious diseases such as HIV which is quite difficult to control. Training is essential for workers to understand the precaution knowledge.


  • Sample answer:​​ The lecture talks about forms of description. We use​​ different methods to describe a situation, and sometimes we have to use visual description, particularly when we do not witness the scenario. The speaker introduces his own experience that when he asked his mother about the Second World War, he would like his mother to describe vividly. On describing the shelter, he asked her what the shelter looked like and when she went to the shelter. From her response the speaker could get more visual evidence to write his book.​​ (Most Repeated)


  • Sample answer:​​ This lecture mainly talks about biology, a subject that​​ study animals, human and the environment around them. Although animals looked differently, they are actually closely related to each other. They all rely on DNA and RNA to store and transmit genetic materials, and these are inherited and genetic information that can be passed on, such as molecules. All organs have metabolism system, and the inner chemicals are still the same, which convert energy from one form to another.


  • Sample answer:



  • Australia is isolated from the US and the UK;


  • China becomes the second largest exporter after Japan;


  • Asia becomes Australia’s best export destination;


  • The rise of China changes the world situation;


  • Australia should take advantage of China’s rise.


  • Sample answer:​​ (Most Repeated)


  • The lecture is about educational expenditure among different European countries;

  • UK spent only 1.08% of GDP on education, which is lower than the OECD countries average line 4.6%;


  • The educational expenditures of Italy and France are close to UK;


  • Denmark and Finland spent much more on education than other European countries.


38. Sample answer:​​ (Most Repeated)


  • The lecture talks about human brain development-language and cognition.


  • The sensing pathways including vision and hearing increases from birth to when month old, and then decreases to 4 years old.


  • The language skill increases from new born and peaks at 9 months old, and subsides around 4 years old.


  • The higher cognitive function starts the earliest before babies were born, but peaks later at 1-year-old, and subsides around 16 years old.



39. Sample answer:


  • The lecture is about bomb calorimeter;


  • It is used to calculate the energy contained in food and fuels;


  • It also measures the heat of foot but cannot measure the digestible energy;


  • People sometimes intake digestible energy.


40. Sample Answer:​​ (Most Repeated)


  • The lecture talks about differences in stress reactivity of adults rats are determined by material licking and grooming during infancy; L means licking and G means grooming.


  • The experiment tested on high and low level for development of stress reactivity.


  • High LG will bring modest stress reactivity, which can reduce the risk for poor development and diseases.


  • Low LG will increase the stress reactivity, which can increase the risk for heart disease, type II diabetes, alcoholism, affective disorders and brain aging.


41. Sample Answer:


  • This lecture is about wages, consumption and household debt over the past 5 years;


  • Wage growth has increased for only 5%, which is weak;


Consumption has increased for 15%, which is decent;

  • Household debt has increased for 40%;


  • The increase in wages is far less sufficient to cover the increase in consumption and household debt;


  • The increase in consumption is not because of the increase in income, but because people are borrowing more money.


42. Sample Answer:​​ (Most Repeated)


  • This lecture talks about the renovation of Paris in the 1890s


  • Napoleon told Haussmann to bring air and light to the centre to make the city safer and more beautiful;


  • The renovation removed the unhealthy neighbourhood and it includes building roads, parks and squares, planting more trees and the construction of new infrastructure;


  • Finally, the speaker mentions that the reason for doing this is that the old Paris had many serious problems such as overcrowding, disease and crime.



43. Sample answer:​​ (Most Repeated)


  • The lecture talks about the poverty in countries including India and Vietnam.


  • The poverty rate in rural areas are much higher than urban, because most of the poor people live in the rural areas.


  • Rural areas are home to about 75% of the poor and are still expected to house 60% by 2025.


  • The poor are affected by environmental problems such as water pollution, indoor smoke and gas emission in terms of their health.


  • The rising demand for energy consumption is likely to sustain until 2030, which will have an effect on a range of environmental problems.


44.Sample answer


1.In terms of the size of economy, the US economy is more than the total​​ amount of China, Japan UK and Germany. In terms of the industrial output, US output is $2.8 trillion, but it only equals to the sum of China and Japan.


  • US economy is larger than China, Japan, UK and German combined. Some serious crisis of the US economy, but size of US economy is still very large. US industrial output is around 2.8 trillion dollars, which is around the total of China and Japan. It is vital to understand the scale of American economy.


45. Sample answer​​ (Most Repeated)


This lecture is mainly about the population in some major areas of the UK. According to the lecture, the population in London is about 7 million, which equals that of Scotland and Wales in total. Unlike other countries where the


population is scattered, most of the English people live in London, and this high population density makes it difficult to govern the city, which is also a problem caused by the lack of a national party. If the country has a national party, it can be easier for England to achieve better city management.


46. Sample answer:​​ (Most Repeated)


This lecture mainly talks about the habits and influence of different types of frogs on human. The gene mutation of frogs has been existing for many years, which happens in North America with different limbs. Some of the frogs have more limbs while some of them have fewer limbs. And the number of frogs has been increasing dramatically throughout the years, and this has become a serious global issue. To conclude the lecture, people are worrying that frogs would pollute the rivers that they lived in and the quality of water so that post risks to people in the local area.



  • Sample answer:​​ Dimensions can be defined as the number of points​​ required to describe a position. One-dimension space refers to one variable, which means longitude. Two dimension contains two variables: longitude plus latitude. Three dimension contains 3 variables: longitude, latitude and altitude. Four dimensions takes time into account other than the three variables talked above and it can describe a position in space.


  • Sample answer:​​ The speaker in the lecture reveals that 10% children have​​ language disorder in UK/US. We should distinguish children’s language disorder from adults’ language disorder. 20% of children’s language disorder is the result of physical disability. We cannot take it for granted, instead, we should emphasize this problem more. We need to know more about how children’ language acquisition is attained and how it can be learned, anyway, children’s learning process and logic are different from adults.


  • Sample answer​​ (Most Repeated)


Geomagnetic cues help young loggerhead turtles navigate the open ocean during their epic 8,000-mile journey between leaving their natal beaches in Florida, and returning 5-10 years later to breed. Researchers have just worked out how they do it”. “Hatchling loggerhead sea turtle is tethered via a soft cloth harness, or “bathing suit,” to an electronic tracking system that monitors its steering in response to different magnetic fields”.


50. Sample answer:


  • This is a photo of thousands of galaxies;


  • It is the largest photo so far taken by NASA;


  • It is copyright free;


  • It took more than a month to produce this photo;


  • The deepest mystery of galaxies is the darkness, but galaxies are not dark actually.

51. Sample answer:​​ (Most Repeated)


  • Absolute zero is the point at which the fundamental particles of nature have minimal vibrational motion.


  • Absolute zero, theoretically, is not achievable and does not exist. But scientists are putting a lot of efforts in designing experiments trying to achieve or create absolute zero.


  • The reason they do so is not for a predetermined end. They are not focusing on the goal of the experiment.


  • The fun in these experiments is to find and prove whether something you don’t know does exist or not.


  • And this is the beauty of science that scientists fall in love with.



  • Sample answerDissociation of personality:​​ The powerful influence of​​ Stevensons text on the discourse of dissociation is strikingly apparent in the work of American physician and psychologist Morton Prince. Rieber credits Prince with pioneering​​ the phenomenon of popularizing MPD as embodied in a spectacular case”. Prince’s Dissociation of a Personality (1905) tells the story of Miss Christine Beauchamp, a pseudonym for Clara Norton Fowler, who, according to Prince, “is a person in whom several personalities have become developed”.


  • Sample answer:​​ This lecture talks about the overweight problem. There​​ are 20% of children today having the overweight problems, which brings the heart diseases are more and more common in children, the smallest is 5 years old. This situation makes the heart attack and other health problems become earlier and earlier. This issue needs to be solved because the overweight problems will be in more serious situations such as diabetes type 2 diabetes and blindness.


  • (Most Repeated)


Many people think innovation equals to invention, but actually not. Innovation can create value but invention is only ideas which are cheap. Here is an equation: innovation is invention times commercialization. It’s commercialization that brings value to invention.


Answer Short Questions




  • What is the room that is under the ground floor?​​ Basement


  • What we call the tax of service and goods?​​ GST


  • What order is a bibliography usually listed in?​​ Alphabetical order


  • What we call the person who repair the car?​​ An auto technician


  • What is the act that does not waste resources?​​ Recycle


  • What is the seven day's period called?​​ One week/A week


  • What is the strings on shoes?​​ Shoelace


  • What is the name of the instrument used to measure variations in temperature?​​ Thermometer


  • How many years are there in a decade?​​ 10 years


  • How many years are there in a century?​​ 100 years


  • Which part at the end of book can be used for further reading? An index or a bibliography?​​ A bibliography


  • Which of the following is not a means of transportation: by plane, by public transportation or car model?​​ Car model


  • What are your options in gender when you completing an application form?


Male and female


  • How do you describe the money that citizens must contribute to the government for public use?​​ TAX


  • One and half represents what percentage?​​ 150%


  • What do these following belong to: roses, daisies, tulip, etc.?​​ Flowers


  • What does ASAP mean?​​ As soon as possible


  • When you use Microsoft Word, what does “Times New Roman” mean?​​ Font


  • What do we call the “Times New Roman” in the computer?​​ Font


  • How many wheels do a tricycle have?​​ Three


  • How do you call the siblings that born from your mother at the same time?




  • What are the people who study ancient bones or plants in rocks?




  • In which reference book can you find synonyms and antonyms?​​ Thesaurus


  • If you want to read tragedies or comedies, what kind of book do you read?


Fiction books/novels


  • "We went to the tutorial " which word that tells us the thing happened in the past?​​ went


  • In solar system, which planet can support life? Earth


  • What kind of liquid do mammals feed their children?​​ Milk


  • Can you find alligators in a swamp or a lake?​​ swamp


  • Where can you borrow books?​​ Library


  • What do bees collect from flowers?​​ Pollen


  • What is H2O in chemical substances?​​ Water


  • Which systems do planets such as earth moon belong to?​​ Solar system


  • What do we call the alphabetical list, at the end of the book that tells you where to find specific information?​​ Index


  • What material is the tire made of?​​ Rubber


  • What is the device that shows the time of the day according to the shadow of sunlight?​​ Sundial


  • In a hospital, who is the person that can write prescriptions?​​ Doctor


  • How many angles does pentagon have?​​ Five


  • What is the opposite to ‘still’?​​ Moving / Active / Dynamic


  • What is paper made from?​​ Wood/Tree


  • What is the book that you cannot borrowed from library?​​ Reserved books


  • What century are we living in now?​​ The 21st century


  • What is the collection of pictures called?​​ Album


  • When you get lost in city, what item do you need to buy to find out where you are and where you go​​ Map


  • What is the force happened between the relative motion when objects are rubbed against each other?​​ Friction


  • Who sits in the cockpit of an airplane?​​ Pilot


  • What will snow become after it melt?​​ Water


  • What attitude would you have when you are in a job interview, enthusiastic or passive?​​ Enthusiastic


  • What do you call a person that can’t hear?​​ Deaf

  • What is the third largest area on the map of Britain?​​ Wales


  • In which direction does the sun come up?​​ East


  • How many days are in a leap year?​​ 366


  • What is the feature that guitars and violins have in common?​​ Strings


  • How do you call the seasonal flying from cold to warmer areas, mitigation or migration?​​ Migration


  • What do you call a piece of equipment we use to look at stars?​​ Telescope


  • What does the sun do during dawn?​​ Sunrise


  • Which one would a vegetarian most likely to eat, sandwiches or fruit salad?


Fruit salad


  • What kind of book is written by a person about their own life?




  • What do we call the piece of paper that proves you have bought an item?​​ A​​ receipt


  • A dozen is a grouping of which number?​​ Twelve


  • What do we call the thread in the center of the candle?​​ Candle wick


  • Which kind of book can we find Africa maps?​​ Atlas


  • What do we call the things of 88 keys covered by color white and black?




  • What word is used to describe frozen water?​​ Ice


  • What is 3 quarters of 100%?​​ 75%


  • Which of the following are real animals, unicorn, giraffe, dragon or mermaid?




  • What is the name of male sheep?​​ Ram


  • What material are windows made of?​​ Glass


  • What do mammals use to feed their next generations?​​ Breast


  • What do birds use to fly?​​ Wings


  • What protects birds on the outside of their bodies?​​ Feather


  • Where do people go for saving money?​​ Bank


  • Where do people go for watching sports or games?​​ Stadium


  • What are the two holes in your nose to breathe?​​ Nostrils

  • What attitude would you have when you are in a job interview, enthusiastic, lazy or passive?​​ Enthusiastic


  • What kind of transportation run son the railway?​​ Train


  • How do you call the tower containing a light to warn or guide ships at sea?


Beacon or lighthouse


  • Who is a physician who performs surgical operations?​​ Surgeon


  • "We went somewhere", how do you understand it's a past sentence?​​ Went


  • What is the opposite side that sun rises?​​ West


  • What is the cracking or breaking of a hard object or material?​​ Fracture


  • Who sits in the cockpit of an airplane?​​ Pilot


  • What institution helps people save money?​​ Bank


  • Which kind of people use periodic table to study?​​ Chemist


  • Some magazines are published once a year, and some are published twice a year. How do you describe the type of magazine that is published four times a year?​​ Quarterly


  • How do you describe the line that segment a circle?​​ Chord


  • How do you describe the line that divide a circle into the same half?




  • How do you call someone who likes to drink heavily very day?​​ Alcoholic


  • What term is used for the amount of money we owe, asset or debt?​​ Debt


  • Which one can be put into a backpack, a book or a table?​​ A book


  • If a species is described as venomous, what substance it has?​​ Toxin


  • What is the opposite of maximize?​​ Minimize


  • How often is an annual conference held in one year? Once a year


  • When your bone is injured and broken, what would you say you have?




  • Which literacy genre describes all details of a famous person's life?




  • If you invented something, what can you apply to prevent others copying your invention?​​ Patent


  • Despite all the advances and qualities of sexes, would more men or women play professional football?​​ Men


  • Where is the "Power" button?​​ Upper left

  • What material is used both on window and light bulb?​​ Glass


  • Which continent do China, India, Korea and Japan locate?​​ Asia


  • What do people hold over head when it’s raining?​​ Umbrella


  • In the word' postgraduate', what does the 'post' mean?​​ After


  • How do we call a baby cat?​​ Kitten or pussy


  • What is the name for cultivating and managing gardens?​​ Horticulture


  • What is the antonym of artificial?​​ Natural​​ or​​ genuine​​ or​​ real


  • What does the sun do during dawn?​​ Sunrise


  • What is the fluid that pumped from the organ related to cardiology? Blood


  • What do we call the place selling gold and silver?​​ Jewellery store​​ or​​ bullion market


  • Why do plants need bees?​​ Pollination​​ or​​ pollinating


  • How do we call the people who work in companies?​​ Employee​​ or​​ officer


  • What type of shape has four corners, four lines that are equal in length?​​ Square​​ or​​ diamond


  • What type of plant is mint?​​ Herb


  • What does the sun do during dusk?​​ Sunset


  • Where is the crossword normally seen?​​ Newspaper


  • What do we call the person who can speak two languages?​​ Bilingual


  • What is the line between countries?​​ Boundary​​ or​​ border


  • Unions work for who, workers or managers?​​ Workers


  • What is the feature that guitars and violins have in common?​​ Strings


  • What is called our planets such as sun, earth and moon?​​ Solar system


  • What do we call a festival which is held every four years gathering people together as a sporting event?​​ The Olympic Games


  • Do scapegoats escape or undertake the crime?​​ Undertake


  • If a parent has a couple of children, how many children does he have?​​ Two


  • What is the opposite word of "stale”?​​ Fresh


  • Which is easier to be recycled, plastic or paper?​​ Paper


  • Which kind of mountain can erupt?​​ Volcano


  • What do we call the "Times New Roman" in word?​​ Typeface/Font

  • In addition to the A, E, I, O, what is the other vowel?​​ U


  • What is the altitude related to, weight or height?​​ Height


  • What is a part of the digestive system and is essential for churning food?




  • Inhalation of which tobacco substance or activity is dangerous?​​ Nicotine


  • What century are we now?​​ Twenty-first


  • A dozen is a grouping of which number?​​ Twelve


  • What is the name of the student who has not completed his course?


Undergraduate student


  • When a company's position improved, revenue decrease or increase?




  • If you want to reference all pages in a book that discuss a certain topic, where to find it?​​ Index


  • Where do we hang our clothes, closet or drawer?​​ Closet


  • Which source is more reliable, magazine or journal?​​ Journal


  • Which part at the end of book can be used for further reading? An index or a bibliography? A​​ bibliography


  • What’s the material that we use to stick two things together?​​ Glue


  • What type of resources does an electric device use?​​ Electricity


  • What is the time after noon called?​​ Afternoon/Post Meridian(P.M.)


  • What is the opposite of positive?​​ Negative


  • What is the day that someone is born?​​ Birthday


  • What is someone that can’t see called?​​ Blind


  • What is one half of 100%?​​ 50%


  • What instrument do you use when long-distance learning?​​ Computer


  • What material is used for most of vehicles and craft?​​ Metal


  • In the library, which books we are not allowed to bring them out with ourselves?​​ Closed reserve book


  • What’s the verb used to describe two people sharing the same opinion?




  • How do you call a public sale in which goods or property are sold to the highest price offered?​​ Auction

  • What is the opposite to convex?​​ Concave


  • Which part of body do optometrists examine?​​ Eyes


  • What do meter and millimetre measure, height or length?​​ Length


  • What is the thing that has inside and can attract iron?​​ Magnet


  • How would you describe the process in which ice becomes water?​​ Melting


  • What publication reports daily news?​​ Newspaper


  • How many extra days in February in a leap year?​Ȁ