PTE – LISTENING-Write Form dictation -frequent February 2019

Application forms will be sent for continuing students.

A balanced diet and regular exercise is necessary for good health.

A number of assignments will be gathered to the conference.

Growing population has posed a challenge to many governments.

Manufacturing industry is bigger than agricultural and fishing combined.

Distance learning can develop your career around the world.

A rising population means more stress is cut down.

A lack of sleep can increase the chance of some illnesses.

If you are looking for the discounted notebooks.

One of the functions of the internal organ is to keep the body warm.

These leaflets can be really useful when you are revising.

There are not many interconnection between philosophy and psychology.

Every student will have regular meetings with their personal tutor.

Protective clothing must always be worn in the laboratory.

You must figure out of mathematical problems to show what you learned.

The commissioner will collect portion fines among sovereignties.

Please write the name of the author and publication.

To receive the reimbursement you must keep the original receipts.

All students should focus focused on critical thinking and practical skills.

An artist who supports politicians would receive critiques.

The laboratory equipment is provided in free charge.

Today we will look at how to play the date visually.

Mutually exclusive events can be described as either complementary or opposite.

Global connections increased in academic communities, tanks to social media.

The temperature in summer is lower when comparing to the hall.

An undergraduate is required to do many projects.

Reading list will be available before the course begins.

It was four more years before the theory was fully developed.

The teacher training is an observation of the classes.

Students who study overseas can significantly improve work chances.

Without doubt, this theory has a number of limitations.

Universities invest new technology design for learning.

In this book, the author discussed the role of cultural differences.

The university should introduce technology to support learning.

Strangely, people are impacted by spontaneously using statistics.

The invention of printing press increases the demand for paper.

We can’t consider any increase in our price at this stage.

Your application for research grant has been received.

Universities need to secure the grants for research subjects.

Science library is currently located on the ground of the building.

Students are advised that today’s lecture has been canceled.

Farming methods across the world have greatly developed.

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