PTE Listening Prediction -18th feb to 24th feb

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Telescope – 

  1. The aperture of a telescope is several times larger than the aperture of human eye so that the objects that cannot be normally seen by unaided eye can be seen. Light- gathering power of a telescope is proportional to the area of its aperture and hence depends on the square of the radius of the mirror. Therefore a 20 cm diameter telescope collects four times more photons than a 10 cm diameter telescope.
  2. A telescope can be equipped to record light over a long period of time, by using photographic film or electronic detectors such as photometers or CCD detectors while the eye has no capability to store light. A long-exposure photograph taken through a telescope reveals objects too faint to be seen with the eye, even by looking through the same telescope.
  3. A third major advantage of large telescopes is that they have superior resolution, the ability to discern fine detail. Small resolution is good. The resolution is directly proportional to the wavelength being observed and inversely proportional to the diameter of the telescope.


Sugar is in lots of food that we don’t expect. Apart from some sweet food, peanut butter lists sugar as the second ingredient according to food labels. Ingredients are listed in an order of how much there is in the food. Also, beef stews have lots of sugar, even higher than carrots, though the marketing slogan claimed that I contains fresh potatoes and carrots.

Children’s literature 

The speaker talks about why children’s literature is important and she think children’s literature is a remarkable resource both for adults the cultural work for children, and it also serve writers and illustrators as a cultural space for creativity and new ideas. At the level of individual child, the kind of cultural work of children’s books should be a place where children can learn and the books are very direct.

Voynich Manuscript

Well, the Voynich manuscript does have many different theories proposed for it. Some people think that it’s complete hoax. It’s now been carbon from the 15th century. So it’s most likely, if it is a hoax, that’s been a 15th-century hoax, which personally don’t believe. Bu some people think it’s just gobbledygook. It’s just an invention to make money. Somebody made it to fool people and make money. Other people think it’s probably a code. In other words, someone encoded lots of secrets in it, hoping that no one would find out. And if so, that’s been very successful because no one has cracked it so far.

But in my opinion, it i actually a genuine script. Obviously, a human device script but masking behind a genuine human language. In a language, i seems t me to have more, if you like, Near Eastern, maybe Caucasian, Asian aspects to it rather than European because of some of the words that I’ve decoded.

So I would imagine that once we’ve actually managed to decode that script, we’ll find that the language underneath is a natural human language probably from that part of the world.

Non-verbal communication

This lecture talks about the non-verbal communication. Non-verbal communication is important that includes facial expression, gesture and posture. Therefore, we may understand people’s meaning behind the words through facial expressions and emotions.

We could use non-verbal communication in presentations and interviews. Non-verbal communication includes people’s body language, which can convey your attitude by how you deliver, as well as some other aspects such as dressing code.


The lecture talks about cooperation in three different fields. In sports, there are so much sports of teamwork at an unusually high degree. In commerce field, an example that two firms cooperate in production of a movie. In industry where wars and competitions are mentioned as industry relation. Cooperation in sport industry is more than that in any other industries.

Competition in companies

Competition can drive performance and this is why departments in companies would like  to rank employees’ performance. They do so because they believe people with fear or hope will perform better. All companies over the world are using this as their predominant practice. Moreover, battles between companies can also improve the quality of their services to customers, which can urge companies to be more creative.

Decline of bees

The loss of pollination is huge and catastrophic. The recording mentioned a few causes that led to bee’s population decreasing. They are probably the main points that when you are writing down your notes. There are no original recording or article, but we found topics that are similar to this recording.

International Environmental Law

Environmental law is not new. Charles II of the British government launched it to control the production of smoke. But the measures implemented were ineffective as it didn’t provide appropriate enforcement. Then, the Industrial Revolution exerted profound effects on the environment. Local industrialists used the Adam Smith model to maximize their economic benefits. There was a need for comprehensive statutory controls on the discharge of pollutants into various receiving media.

Development of VR

This topic is described as the development of Virtual Reality. A company started the research and the development, experiencing lots of difficulties. Nowadays a few companies and universities use the technology to train their employees and help their students to understand the courses better.

Development of gene

A small number of human are different with 5000 years ago. Modern people have little differences with our ancestors who lived 5000 years ago since the evolution of genes has not changed too much. The change of gene is not rapid. Some genes are related to our cognitive abilities and behavior. In addition, genes also contribute to powerful minds.

Sound receptor 

Sound receptors are little flappy and spiky things that we have in our ear that can translate the vibrational energy of the sound in our eardrum to the physical motion, and after that it is converted to an electrical signal. In the end, instead of talking about details of it, he invited MIT students to have a closer look at receptors, and they will find it very remarkable.


Speaking of the history and culture of human, we might also think about the nature of human beings. We use everything as money. In the past century, we saw money as a piece of paper. But now, anything valuable or anything that can be interchanged or traded is considered as money. For example, if the government decides to use something for commerce, it will become the money. Throughout the centuries and millennia, there are more valuable types of money, such as gold, silver, and precious metal, as they are hard to be gotten hold of. They must be durable.

Overestimated height

A man worn same outfit and keep everything the same, and went to different classes to meet students. It is found that if he was introduced as an ordinary person, students would estimate and judge his height short but if he was introduced as the professor or lecturer, students would think his height higher. The judge of height was purely based on the reputation.

Citizenship Curriculum 

Citizenship education is important subject in schools as compared to the past. However, only 1/5 of schools have such courses that provide student right skills and attitudes. In the past, people were reluctant to teach. It is important for students in this changing world. There are still problems in teaching this subject due to lack of commitment and lack of teachers to teach. Criticism about the theory of citizenship education is ineffective, unless schools themselves reflected democratic practices by giving children the opportunity to have a say over decision making. It suggests that schools are fundamentally undemocratic institutions, and that such a setting cannot instill in children the commitment and belief in democratic values that is necessary for citizenship education to have a proper impact. Citizenship education is one critical element, and students will acquire knowledge of civics, including the principles of democracy and associated local, state and Australian government structure and processes. In addition, students will also learn to participate responsibly and cooperatively in community.


Earthquakes will happen when faults move. The center of the earthquake is called the focus, which is also known as hypocenter. The hypocenter is located in the crust of the earth. If you look down through the epicenter vertically, you will see the hypocenter. Faults are fractures in the earth’s crust. During the earthquake, seismic waves are generated as fault plane passes through the focus. The position of the epicenter can be identified by using fault maps, looking down from the surface of the earth

Laughing and humor

Laughter is one of the greatest therapies in combatting adversity; and whole communities and nations have frequently relied on humor to get them through their bleakest times. On august 13, 1961, the barbed wire was rolled out of Berlin to create the Berlin wall. For nearly 30 years, until it was dismantled, wall jokes proliferated – especially among those living in the east. Laughing was all that was left.  It was a way of humanizing the tragedy of an ideology that had divided families and a nation. Wags would ask, “when does a good border guard fire the warning shot?” And answer with chilling wit; “at the end of the second clip of ammunition” – thereby making light of the German democratic republic’s command to its border guards to “shoot to kill” anyone trying to cross the wall. Jokes about those who rule you – and sometimes those who tyrannize you – are a form of folklore that has existed in societies as seemingly different as communist eastern Europe, Czarist Russia, modern Egypt, 12-century  Persia, and modern day Iran. Humor can also be wonderfully subversive. It can protect self-respect and identity.

Talent war

Talent is premium and there is a war for talents in 1990’s because of the talent shortage. Companies and countries are recruiting young talented people from different countries and sending young people to universities. Some young people immigrated after they graduated from the university. They compete with the local students. Countries and organizations should put talents at the primary positions. The collapse of loyalty makes employees happy to change their workplace because of the higher income. There are three reasons: first, the change of nature of economy leads to increase in the talents demand and need skills. Second, the shrinking labor force after the baby-boom causes less supply of skilled workers and the retirement of baby-boomers will cause a shortage of experienced workers. Third, there is also a mismatch between what schools are producing and what companies need.

Depression among children

In the past, children rarely have depression. A research showed a dramatic increase in children depression, which change the way people think about children depression. Now, no one doubt about children depression. The study shows children with depression behave differently and respond differently to medical treatment.


There are different definitions of globalization. The first one is the increasing international  transactions and multinational companies across the border. Secondly, globalization represents a more integrated economic, which means one country’s economy may depend on another country more transactions across countries for economic growth. But in the past, they are economic independent while they are now parts of global economy.


The lecture demonstrated the origin and concept of political ideology in terms of right and left wing. The concepts of the socialism and communism began in the eighteenth century, whereas they become conceptualized since the French Revolution. The left side of the speaker podium in the assembly became the political left wing which tended to be aggressive, while the right wing represented conservative and old regime.

Wildlife in Africa 

The lecture demonstrated a research regarding to the relationship between food and income in Africa. Their main livelihood is from wildlife, especially the fish which can provide high level of protein. Although most of people grew fish to live, they were still suffering from the poverty. Therefore, their income is closely associated to food.


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  1. The designers will complete the plan later today.
  2. The visiting guest used to be the lecturer of this department.
  3. The department has higher than normal proportion of postgraduate students.
  4. There are different types of governments in the world.
  5. The visitor used to be the lecturer of this department.
  6. The essay contains most of the important information.
  7. We have not yet achieved equality in our society.
  8. Please visit the website for information about the opening times.
  9. Geography is generally divided into two branches of human and physical.
  10. You will acquire many skills during the academic studies.
  11. Tomorrow’s lecture will discuss educational policy in the United States.
  12. Students are encouraged to monitor studies by themselves.
  13. Collaboration between departments is a feature of successful companies.
  14. The article presents a number of very interesting experiments.
  15. Undergraduates need some specific sources to analyze a program.
  16. The sustainable development is not easy, but it is unavoidable.
  17. Experts are now able to forecast weather over much longer periods.
  18. He is regarded as the most foremost economist this year.
  19. The professor took one year working on her book.
  20. The site is designed to be interactive.
  21. The qualification will be assessed by using a criterion reference to approach.
  22. Our professor is hosting the business development conference.
  23. Radio is a popular form of entertainment throughout the world.
  24. Students have the option to live in college residencies or apartments.
  25. Free campus tour run daily during summer for prospective students.
  26. The cities founders created a set of rules that became the law.
  27. The application process may take longer than expected.
  28. Participants initially select from a range of foundation subjects.
  29. It is absolutely vital that you acknowledge all your sources.
  30. Scientists are always asking the government for more money.
  31. The business seminar includes an internship with a local firm.
  32. The theme of the instrumental work exhibited more of a demure compositional style.
  33. The ways in which people communicate are constantly changing.
  34. Students’ concession cards can be obtained by completing an application form.
  35. While reconciliation is desirable, basic underlying issues must first be addressed.
  36. Control systems in manufacturing provide a high level of accuracy.
  37. In this language course, we both focus on fluency and accuracy.
  38. I thought it was through the small meeting room.
  39. The library holds a substantial collection of materials on economic history.
  40. Library reference desks hold a lot of materials on academic history.
  41. Several candidates were graded as the greatest scientists of all times.
  42. There have been too many struggles in the mathematics department.
  43. Accounting students should have a good understanding of profit and loss statements.
  44. The poster of this play is hung in the large lecture theater.
  45. Behind the groups, there is a fat cart drawn by mules.
  46. The ability to work with fellow students cannot be stressed enough.
  47. The new paper challenged many previously accepted theories.
  48. The new medical students should attend the talk about optional courses.
  49. Students who attempted to go to the conference must register now.
  50. Traffic is the main cause of air pollution in many cities.
  51. All of the assignments must be submitted in person to the faculty office.
  52. He was constantly looking for ways to bring industry and agriculture close together.
  53. There is a welcome party for all new students for each term.
  54. There are opportunities to receive the grants from most artistic fields.
  55. Students are encouraged to monitor their own attendance.
  56. Please click the logo above to enter the site.
  57. Atmosphere is composed of several layers.
  58. Even if you have used cosmetics for years without problems, one or more ingredients can still trigger an allergic reaction.
  59. The placement test of mathematics and statistics is offered every semester.
  60. The railways make long distance travel possible for everyone.
  61. Your lowest quiz grade has been omitted from the calculations.
  62. Undergraduates pursue their interests in stages within specific program
  63. You can contact all your tutors by email.
  64. The sociology department is highly regarded worldwide.
  65. The commissioner will portion the funds to all sovereignties.
  66. The commissioner will collect the funds from authorities.
  67. When workers ask for higher wages, companies often raise their prices.
  68. It was hard to anticipate how all the different characters would react.
  69. She used to be the editor of a student newspaper.
  70. covers different aspects of the subject.
  71. The first assignment is due on the fourteenth of September.
  72. This morning’s lecture on economic policy has been canceled.
  73. Supply and demand is one of the most fundamental concepts in economics.
  74. Tribes vibe/work with each other to build up monolithic statues.
  75. That means that we have so many struggles in the lab.
  76. Governments need to make solar energy more affordable to people.
  77. Review all the sources before drawing any conclusions.
  78. We can’t consider any increase in our prices at this stage.
  79. Those seeking for formal extension should contact the faculty for information.
  80. Many graduates of journalism can get jobs in the communications field
  81. The summer course has been canceled due to insufficient enrollment.
  82. Students have right to succeed.
  83. The nation achieved prosperity by opening its ports for trade.
  84. Students were instructed to submit their assignments by Friday.
  85. A good research assistant is not afraid to ask questions.
  86. Although sustainable development is not easy, it is our responsibility.
  87. Those who are considering a career of marketing should attend the talk.
  88. Find out how to get sources before your research.
  89. This course considerably emphasizes on the critical thinking skills.
  90. Some people are motivated by competition, while others prefer collaboration.
  91. One of the election promises is to decrease the income tax.
  92. Enrolling in a double major may increase your career options.
  93. Assignments should be submitted to the department office before the deadline.
  94. The same issues featured both explanations of the problem.
  95. Climate change is now an acceptable phenomenon among reputable scientists.
  96. Everyone must evacuate the premises during the fire drill.
  97. The plight of wildlife has been ignored by developers.
  98. You will need to purchase an academic gown before the commencement.
  99. Undergraduates may participate in specific stages within the program.
  100. Good research paper delivers practical benefits for real people.
  101. he evaluation forms will be reviewed by university personnel.
  102. You are required to complete the research paper by Monday.
  103. The students were instructed to submit their assignments before Friday.
  104. Farming methods around the world have greatly developed recently.
  105. Your applications for research grant have been received.
  106. Mature students usually adapt to university life extremely well.
  107. The industrial revolution in Europe was driven by steam technology.
  108. They were struggling last year to make their service pay.
  109. The teacher asked the group to commence the task.
  110. Theatre study courses encourage students to exercise creativity.
  111. Unusual patterns are making farming more difficult.
  112. Industry will discuss job opportunities for work.
  113. Native speakers are exempt from the language tests in their own language.
  114. Teaching assistants will receive a monthly stipend for housing.
  115. Clinical placement for nursing prepares students for professional practice.
  116. Let me know if anybody struggles in the lab.
  117. One function of the body fat is to keep all internal organs warm.
  118. The synopsis contains the most important information.
  119. The article verifies a number of interesting experiments.
  120. The toughest part of postgraduate education is funding.


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