PTE Exam Memories | 19 march Sydney | parramatta center

PTE Exam Memories |

PTE Exam Memories


19 March (Pearson Professional Center Parramatta)

– We divide/divided our class into two groups. You come with me, the
rest/others should stay here.
– The library is located at the other side of the campus behind the student
– 39.5% of California residents speak a language other than English at home.
– Meteorology is the detailed study of the Earth atmosphere
ASQ: Telescope, Volcano, library, Thesaurus, psychology, bottle,
– Welsh Language
– Galaxy and universe
– Cows and Grass
– Rosetta Stone
ESSAY: Whether experimental learning can work well in formal education, agree or disagree?
– Question
– Egg-eating snakes
– Edison
– Seatbelt
– Modern Lifestyle
– A Curious Herbal
– A history of God
– High Frequency Voices
– A relationship between food and income in Africa
– Globalisation

– Article numbers are collected through interesting experiments.
– Supply and demand is one of the most important concepts of economy.
– Your dissertation must approve with your supervisor.

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